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AEA's Purpose

AEA is a vehicle through which teachers can join together to address common problems collectively. Decisions regarding what to do and how to do it are made democratically by members and their elected representatives. Specific goals are adopted annually by the Representative Council.


The AEA has been recognized by the AUSD as the exclusive employee organization representing teachers, counselors and speech and language pathologists. It has a legal obligation to provide fair representation to each of those employees in any matter involving employee-employer relations.


Specifically, AEA…

  • Works to lead public education in a positive direction.

  • Works to make teaching a profession.

  • Works to protect and improve public education.

  • Consults with the District on curriculum and instructional issues.

  • Serves as a vehicle for problem solving.

  • Counsels members on matters related to their employment.

  • Provides legal assistance to members on employment-related matters.

  • Supports candidates or issues which support the teaching profession.

  • Provides assistance to community groups.

  • Bargains the employment contract.

  • Processes grievances related to that contract.


To provide the best possible service to members, the AEA is incorporated as a non-profit employee organization. It employs a full-time professional staff person and maintains an office and one office manager. The elected president is released from teaching to work full time on Association business.

Past presidents

Norm Brasel, 1989-1990

Leni Von Blanckensee, 1990-1992

Linda Nelson, 1992-1994

Gretchen Mackler, 1994-1997

Linda Nelson, 1997-1999

Margie Stanley, 1999-2002

Glenda McDowell/Joy Sigmon, 2002-2003

Glenda McDowell, 2003-2005

Earl Rivard, 2005-2007

Patricia Sanders, 2007-2011

Gray Harris, 2011-2012

Audrey Hymen, 2012-2017

Judith Klinger, 2017-Present

The AEA Scholarship

Each spring the AEA awards a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior from ASTI, IHS, EHS and AHS who intends to become an educator. To see the requirements or to fill ouor a nomination form, click here.

AEA 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

Anjulena Taitague, ASTI

Emma Drake, Alameda High

Fatima Abujawayed, Alameda High

Kevin Dinh, Encinal High

Theresa Kealohi, Encinal High

Nicole Bacon, Island High

Kaitlin Chin, Island High

WHO Award Recipients

Every year the membership nominates a fellow member who has worked extraordinarily hard on behalf of the rest of us to receive the Whales' Hilarious Ontology award.

Andrea Szeto, 2019

Jennifer Howell, 2018

Jessica Downs, 2017

Ron Parodi, 2016

Richard Bunker, 2015

Audrey Hymen, 2014

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