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What is a Grievance?

It's your recourse when an administrator does something which violates our contract. If you think they have, here's what you do:

1. Find the part of the contract at issue. Click here to get to it. This is part of your empowerment -- this is YOUR contract and when you know what it says, administrators know they can't mess with you!

2. Contact your Building Rep (Who's my building rep?). Tell them the situation and what section of the contract you believe it violates. They will advise you on whether or not what's going on is actually grievable.

What's not a Grievance?

Your admin has:

  • hurt your feelings

  • given you a room you don't like

  • done a classroom visit

  • told you your wall decorations are ugly

  • assigned you a para you don't like

  • threatened to do something

Another teacher has annoyed you.

A parent has annoyed you.

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