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Below Average BBQ







On March 19th, about 100 AEA members gathered at 1400 Club for a mini rally. They then marched to Island High School for a special Board of Education meeting on the budget. Members demanded one thing, raise their pay!


ABC 7 News:

Alameda Sun:

Alameda Magazine: (see below)

On Thursday, April 26th, we had a "Below Average BBQ" at District office sidewalk. We weren't happy with what the District offered us because it still does not bring us to average. So, we will be going through the impasse process. Until then, we eat cake!

Tuesday, January 23rd, we kicked of our AEAnchors Campaign! Members came out in full force starting at Alameda Island Brewing Co. and 1400 Club as the meeting place for organizers to canvas the island. Our mission is to convince Alameda businesses and their customers to support our efforts in ongoing salary negotiations with the school district. AUSD salaries are the lowest in Alameda County!

"This campaign is not meant to be adversarial," said Judith Klinger, President of AEA. "We simply want to remind the public of the critical importance that public schools and teachers play in the future of our community".

See the video below where our President, Judith Klinger, explains the budget:

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